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Software quality assurance, for efficient large companies

“… so that humans can deal with things that machines cannot.”

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Software quality assurance, for efficient large companies

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About Us

We are supporting, testing, and coordinating enterprise IT developments since 2016. We also develop enterprise-level testing methodologies and automate business processes.
We design and implement company-level testing methods, develop colleagues and implement the required testing and ticketing tools. Furthermore, we support the planning and execution of courses and required presentations, the preparation of documentation, thus implementing the effective change management.
In addition to the manual testing tasks, we also perform automated testing, in which the necessary tools and methods are presented based on the customer’s requirements. By automating the testing process, we achieve much faster test execution and easily maintained, well-reported, cost-effective software testing.
As a result of growing market expectations and trends, we have built a live system process automation competence based on our automation experience. We execute repetitive, algorithmic manual tasks with robots developed for this purpose, keeping in mind the legal and security expectations and regulations of the company.
Among the testing and robotics competencies, we also have excellent references in enterprise project management. Our colleagues provide full coordination of IT projects with high-level qualifications (MBA, PMI, PMP) and expertise in agile and classical project management methodologies.


Manual testing
After learning about the application, we create test sets and test the expected quality and compliance of the software with a manual method.
Automated testing
It is a basis for cost-effective and long-term quality assurance, in which testing is performed automatically based on pre-written scripts.
Process automation-RPA
We execute repetitive, costly tasks and processes with the help of robots in the production system, with a maximum level of security.
Process management
By exploring and depicting business processes and clarifying roles, we help the efficient design and development of the company’s internal operations.
Test coordination
We ensure the planning, coordination and execution of tasks, the availability of test environments and test data and the correction of errors.

Project management

During the entire life cycle of the projects, we monitor and ensure the optimal use of resources, the compliance of deadlines, and the costs of development.
We help to create value for company by evaluating the changing market and the organizational structure, methods and opportunities.
Business Analysis
We support the achievement of business goals by assessing business needs, specifying functions, and maintaining customer and supplier relationships.


We implement our customers’ IT and digitization ideas, using the latest technologies and focusing on customer needs.


We offer our cross-border solutions from three strategic locations that serve as both community hubs and centers for innovation.



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